Tissue: a body of recovery

A catalogue of visual stories telling the diversity of breast cancer recovery from a personal perspective.

Tissue is a visual resource, telling the stories of 100 people affected by breast cancer. Two portraits - one clothed, one nude - expose the treatment and recovery for each individual. With permission to view the often unseen, Tissue aims to support and inspire the breast cancer community.



Our growing curation of goods will sustain the project with at least 50% of proceeds donated to charities that support the community and breast cancer research.

Through collaborative projects, TFTF aims to expand our product line by promoting independent makers’ work and increasing our donations to breast cancer research and charities that support the community. Every item is designed to be noticeable, raise awareness, and spark dialogue surrounding treatment, recovery, and personal aesthetic decisions. 

If you are interested in collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you. The growing curation of goods will sustain the project with at least 50% of proceeds donated to charity. 




The Instagram account was created to support individual breast cancer survivors who share nude selfies and personal anecdotes of their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process.Their courage to share has inspired numerous online communities, offering sympathy and information to those facing the same battle. We aim to connect with these people, re-post their images, and reach a larger audience to promote awareness and self-acceptance.

*looking for selfies of your beautiful bodies, boobies, scars, burns, reconstructions, and proud faces! We love being able to document the courageous images being posted across the countless personal accounts of breast cancer survivors. If you would like to share with us and our community on Instagram, please tag us or dm your images and words.