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Developing a diverse visual resource for the breast cancer community and raising funds for charity.

Our aim is to increase breast cancer awareness through visual representation.

By producing a documentary portrait series and sharing imagery of mastectomy scars, breast reconstructions, remaining flat, nipple and breast tattoos, etc. we hope to support breast cancer survivors throughout and after treatment by acknowledging and exploring their changing sense of identity.

The Fake Tit Fund products have been designed to be noticeable and spark dialogue surrounding breast cancer recovery and treatment. The products will sustain the project with 50% of proceeds donated to charity. 


The Portraits 

The Fake Tit Fund aims to produce a documentary portrait series of one hundred breast cancer survivors. The nude series will show the large demographic of people effected by breast cancer, and demonstrate differing treatments, recoveries, and their ensuing aesthetic decisions. 

If you would like to know more about the series, or are interested in being photographed, please send us a note. 

We look forward to getting in touch!   

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The Fake Tit Fund Archive

The 'archive' on Instagram was created to support individual breast cancer survivors who share selfies and personal anecdotes of their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process. Their courage to share has inspired numerous online communities, offering sympathy and information to those facing the same battle.

We aim to connect with these people, re-post their images, and reach a larger audience to promote awareness and self-acceptance. 

To submit your photos to The Fake Tit Fund Archive, please tag us @thefaketitfund and #thefaketitfund.