No Boobie, Boobie Pots x Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

No Boobie, Boobie Pots x Pot Yer Tits Away Luv


Through collaborative projects, The Fake Tit Fund aims to expand our product line by promoting independent makers’ work and increasing our donation to charities that research and support the breast cancer community. Every item is designed to be noticeable, raise awareness, and spark dialogue surrounding treatment, recovery, and ensuing aesthetic decisions.

Emma, the founder of Pot Yer Tits Away Luv, quit her job to pursue her love of pottery with the mission to make personalized boobie pots that felt inclusive for everyone, regardless of their shape, size, gender, or skin tone. She is an artist originally from Edinburgh who is now based in Leeds.

Emma has made a limited edition of thirty unique boobie pots representing those who have had mastectomies during treatment. Each one has been lovingly handmade, with no two alike.

The pots are made from air drying clay which means they are not able to hold any liquid, but they are perfect for air plants, pencils, tampons…

All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Dimensions: 6x6.5cm

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